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We help you achieve your visions of success.

Give Back. Be a Resource. Become a Community.



We believe—

Small businesses provide opportunities for owners, team members, customers and vendors to learn and grow.

The continuous sharing of knowledge and experiences increases opportunities for everyone to succeed.

There is value in building supportive local partnerships to grow creative, vibrant, thriving communities.

Do you—

Have dreams and aspirations to create something larger than yourself?

Continuously seek answers to questions not yet asked?

Value honest and supportive relationships?


We would love to meet you.


Tax Planning & Preparation

Ask the right questions and listen.

Business Advisory

Define success and build a plan to get there.

Accounting Systems & Apps

Capture critical data and understand it.


What Should You Expect?


A Happier You

You define your success and that which makes you happy. Together, let's identify your goals and priorities.  You are working for a better future. We want you to realize your dreams.


It's the sharing of ideas and knowledge that enables everyone to learn and become better.  We encourage the communications of successes and failures in order to help others who are also trying to reach higher levels.

Working Smarter

Current technologies provide for faster access to information and a more dynamic approach to running your business.  Working in the cloud, collaboratively, provides for real-time reporting and monitoring, and enables better decision making.


You value relationships. So do we. The journey is better when you involve and share with others.

Friendly, comfortable, and relaxed - we are in this together.


Are you feeling lost in your current journey?

Are you open to perspectives and insights you may not be considering?

We listen, we ask, and we listen some more.


Chuck Odom, CPA Jean Odom, CPA

Louisburg, North Carolina


We are fascinated with the heartbeat of social media.

We're tapped in. We’re connected.

We share, we listen, and we engage.


We send personalized, authentic, video messages!

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Chuck and Jean are not just sayers, they are doers... what a positive impact they make in our community as well!
— R.C.
Chuck and Jean-Marie Odom are the best accountants that I have ever worked with.
— G.M.
I have to say that Chuck and Jean-Marie Odom have to be congratulated for the caring online presence that they have. It is a pleasure to see in the accounting profession.
— D.B.