A Happier, More Successful, You

Strategic planning and execution should have the ultimate goal of creating happier, more successful, business owners.

You define your success and that which makes you happy.  

You are a business owner, working for a better future.

Together, we can do this.

Simple Start to Strategic Planning - First Steps

As an entrepreneur, a business owner, a hobbyist hoping to start a business, what is it that makes you happy? How do you define success? Are you on a focused path, or in a constant state of chaos?  A business advisor / coach can help.  We all need that shoulder to lean on, ear to bend, and little voice that urges you on.

We position ourselves to be a guide on your journey.  Working on strategy, vision, and execution can be complex, detailed and overwhelming.  The key is to start simple. Do something, do anything.  

Simple Exercises to Get You Started


10 Words

  • How do you want to be seen and described by others? Family, Employees, Customers, Community?

Then and Now

  • Where am I right now?

  • Where do I want to be in the future?

  • What changes are necessary?


  • Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.

  • Build on your strengths and maximize opportunities.

  • Minimize risks and threats.

Start. Stop. Keep.

  • What should I start doing?

  • What should I stop doing?

  • What should I keep doing?

Go Further, with a Strategic Assessment

  • Understanding your why, your purpose; looking inward before projecting outward.

  • Documenting the vision.

  • Identifying core strengths and competencies.

  • Understanding your position in the marketplace - defining the ideal customer to your value proposition.

  • Customer experiences.

  • Team involvement and dynamics - employees and family.

  • Establishing goals along the way as you journey towards the ideal.

  • Focusing on the current priorities and tasks.

  • Progress measurements - financial and non-financial metrics, key performance indicators, leading indicators, feel-good wins, and the intangibles (does it feel right - are you and the team happy with a positive culture).

  • Viewing the business holistically - accounting systems, profit improvement, execution, retirement, risk and insurance, etc.

  • Scheduling time for family, hobbies and personal well-being.

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