Are We a Good Fit?

Let's not pretend we already know everything about one another.

We believe it's essential to get to know each other, and evaluate whether we are the right fit to help you on your journey.

There are a few characteristics of customers we're a solid fit for:

  • Your current and near-term projected revenue is between $50k and $2.5m, and you're an entrepreneur in the service space. This includes creatives, professionals, retailers, etc.

  • You view price as an investment to produce a return, not a cost to be minimized. And you recognize the right questions are the most valuable thing we can offer.

  • You recognize your participation as the most important factor to produce results.

  • You understand income tax, payroll tax and sales tax are necessary compliance services.  You realize taxes do not drive business strategy for growth, profitability and success. There is a bigger picture.

It all starts with a conversation. In-person, or by video conferencing, let's schedule a time to talk.