Growth - What Does it Mean to You?

When you hear... "Grow Your Business" ... "Are You Growing?".... what does it mean to you?  For each of us, growth truly has different meanings.

Is growth attracting more customers, more sales, more work? Or, is it focusing on the right customer, with the proper balance of sales and work?  Is it working more, or working less?  Is it increasing your income?  Is it trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others around you?  Is it a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment?

For us, growth is a process.  It is a journey on the path to personal and business fulfillment, which includes identification of goals with actions constantly moving you forward.

Your journey should include defining what it means to you. 

Business Growth Model

Goals:  What is it you truly want from your business? Money is not always the primary goal. What is your purpose?  Why did you start your business?  Reflect and clearly understand what it is you want to accomplish.  Identify manageable goals for the week, month, quarter, year, etc.

Reality:  What's the current situation?  Are you where you want to be?  What is working well, and what is not?  Are your numbers adding up?  Do you understand current pricing and the value you deliver? Do you have a balanced work and personal life? Are you happy?

Obstacles:  Is something standing in your way, holding you back?  No one said it would be easy.  What must be overcome?

Way forward:  Document a plan, what needs to happen to move from the current reality to successfully reach your goals? Strategic plans provide a roadmap on how you can drive the business forward.  Commit proper time availability to market, produce products and services, deliver a great customer experience, perform administrative functions, and to grow your personal relationships with family and friends.

What does growth mean to you? How do you plan to grow this year?  We would love to learn about your plans!