Personality Profiles and Relationships

Have you taken a personality profile assessment? A personality profile report may enlighten you to personal behaviors in a variety of situations, environments, and relationships. You may also gain insights on how best to communicate with others with differing personality profiles.

While a profile assessment can be informative, realize the results may not be 100% accurate. The intent is to take your specific responses to questions, and place you in a profile category that is most reflective of you.

We encourage you to spend a few minutes and take a profile assessment. The results can be fun to analyze. If comparing to others, remember not to judge or use the reports as a determination of the actions, character and behaviors of someone else. There is no replacement for real, human interactions to build relationships. Don’t build or change relationships based on a profile assessment. (Unless you are a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, etc., you should be careful how you interpret the profile reports of others).

The personality profiles we enjoy are provided by 16 Personalities. The results are fun, engaging and enlightening. After taking the assessment, you have access to a library of resources based on your profile result. You will also receive occasional articles by email with more insights.

Take your personality profile and let us know your results!