Technology and the Cloud

Expanding technology and limitless internet resources change our views on how we record, accumulate and report on personal and business financial data.  Cloud accounting products, such as Xero, Wave Accounting, FreshBooks, etc change how we think about bookkeeping and payroll services.  We must explore, learn, and adapt to changing technologies impacting our professions, whether we are accountants, doctors, HVAC technicians, teachers, janitors, etc.  To invite new customers and properly service existing clientele, adaptation to the technological world must be viewed as exciting and approached with vigor.  The CPA firm of today and tomorrow can not continue to repeat the service offerings and delivery methods of the firm of yesterday.  Embrace the times, be excited about mobile devices, mobile apps, cloud accounting and other internet solutions, and look forward to where we can be in the next 5-10-15 years.  Advanced technology, mobile access, value-added services, real-time collaboration, superior client service, personal-work-life balance.....I'm jumping on the bus, who wants to ride?