Personal Video Messages With Bonjoro App

How do you connect with your customers and prospects?  We send personalized Bonjoro video messages!

What’s Bonjoro?  It’s a video messaging app, with team capabilities, that allows for a quick, efficient, recording of a video with your smartphone.  Just hold up your phone, selfie style, and record away.  Relax and be yourself!  Our videos average 30 seconds in length and are sent to recipient email addresses.  We use the Bonjoro iOS app, and it works perfectly.  There is also an Android app.


When do we send Bonjoros?  New Mailchimp email subscribers, and those scheduling appointments through our 10to8 online calender, are automatically added to a Bonjoro task list via Zapier integrations.  We also send Bonjoros to customers just to let them know we are thinking about them.

Why Bonjoro?  It’s a personalized communication.  Basic email and text message communications can be cold, boring, and ignored.  Send a video of yourself, recorded specifically for the recipient, and see for yourself how much customers and prospects appreciate the personal touch.  It works!

Try Bonjoro for yourself!  There are free, and paid plans.

Learn more by downloading the Bonjoro Whitepaper, Mastering Customer Delight to Grow Your Business.  (We're included!)

Let us know how Bonjoro works for you!