Want to be creative and innovative? Think with your child mind.

When we were kids, we had grand visions of being stronger than life and acting as if we were superheroes.  We could leap across the widest creeks, run faster than our friend's bicycles and scooters, and pick up and toss the mightiest of rocks.  Our creative minds, unhindered by preconceived limitations, allowed us to imagine the impossible and convince ourselves we actually accomplished those feats.  

As adults, we mature in to responsible, realistic individuals.  We plan actions to achieve desired results.  We celebrate occasional successes and struggle with failures.  For many of us, our imagination and creativity will stagnate, leading to poor personal and business performance.  I wonder what we could accomplish if we began creating and imagining once again with our child minds.....thinking, playing and working beyond the boundaries.  I believe the greatest leaders and innovators of our time already do this.  The world is their playground.  It should be ours too.

I challenge you to make one change in your life and business this week to bring enjoyment back to what you do.  What can you do to enhance your life and your customer's experiences?  What would a kid do in your position?  Perhaps, we should ask our children; they're smarter than us parents anyway, right?