The Power of the Cloud!

Another typical desktop application horror story was written this week.  A small business owner lost her accounting records due to a desktop software application crash, resulting in data file corruption.  (Problems: backups were not regular, nor maintained; software was outdated and not on the current version).

Through access to online banking, online payroll services and a cloud accounting solution, we were able to re-create her accounting records to summarize 2300+ transactions, dating over an 18 month period, in less than 6 hours.  (Benefits: online collaboration, connected applications in the cloud, modern business tools).

The owner was extremely delighted to have an accounting system back up and running.  No more local software updates to install.  Constant backups of her data are in the cloud.   Collaboration opportunities now exist with her accountant in a real-time, anywhere access environment.

Happy clients, happy accountants.