Purpose Accountants - Think. Innovate. Differentiate.

A concept.  Purpose Accountants. What is our why?  How do we provide the services we believe customers want?  What is it we do?  Shouldn't we focus on what small business owners really demand and want from a CPA?  The traditional accountant is outdated, destined to become irrelevant.  Accountants, as advisors, with current technologies, have resources to innovate and provide invaluable services to small business owners by focusing on these key areas:

  • Improving efficiences and increasing access to real-time data through implementation of cloud accounting and internet based technologies.
  • Innovating services that are of value to customers, are what small businessess are seeking and are of an advisory / coaching role.
  • Pricing upfront with clear expectations of the customer and the accountant, with balanced payment arrangements.  No surprises in fees and scope of service arrangements.
  • Reporting timely on real-time data (cloud accounting) for faster access to information, thereby, providing better analysis for making important business decisions.
  • Identifying key performance indicators (financial and non-finanical) to monitor performance, while providing opportunities to project future cash flows and profits.
  • Increased contact through face-to-face meetings, virtual conferences, phone calls, emails, etc. to stay informed of key processes and happenings.

We have a purpose.  We want to make working with accountants a more valuable, fulfilling experience for small business owners.  We want to fully utilize available cloud technologies to improve efficiences, take advantage of collaboration opportunities and add to the customer experience.  Alone is hard.  Together is better. With a Purpose Accountant.