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Do You Have a Great Idea for a Product or Service? Awesome! Now Focus and Prepare Yourself

Small and micro businesses are represented by mom and pop operations, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and dads, etc.  No matter how small your business, there are some fundamental questions you need to address.  For an improved chance of success, take time to reflect and document your plans for strategy, execution, and growth.

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The Power of the Cloud!

Another typical desktop application horror story was written this week.  A small business owner lost her accounting records due to a desktop software application crash, resulting in data file corruption.  (Problems: backups were not regular, nor maintained; software was outdated and not on the current version).

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Accountants Should Be Technology Minded

Payrolls, bookkeeping, tax planning & preparation, financial statement preparation, etc. are services that have long been the core services provided by accountants.  These staple services are still offered and needed, but are now being provided in different ways.  With the availability of cloud based accounting systems and online file sharing, accountants and their clients are better able to work collaboratively towards a common goal.  With mobile devices and web based applications, access to information anytime and anywhere makes for a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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