Client Portals

It's a constant evolution to building client relationships through digital file transfers, real-time file access, collaboration and sharing.  File sharing options are numerous, including Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Sharefile, SharePoint, SmartVault, etc. Which is the right one to implement?   I believe the challenge is far greater than just deciding which file sharing platform to implement.  The challenge is building a client base with businesses and individuals who share the same desires and goals to make data access and information sharing easier, more timely and mutually benefiical.

Accountants seem to worry more about what software to use, what cloud service to implement, etc. than focusing on client service.  In choosing a portal, what is the overall purpose?   I see portals as an enhanced client service offering.  Communicate with your clients, discuss the benefits of portals and how it will make working with an accountant better.  Let them know of real-time access of their important documents, security of data, and why paper files are diminishing.

Adoption of portals by clients has been challenging.  Focus on the benefits, discuss it with your clients and achieve the ultimate success rate.