Accountants Should Be Technology Minded

Payrolls, bookkeeping, tax planning & preparation, financial statement preparation, etc. are services that have long been the core services provided by accountants.  These staple services are still offered and needed, but are now being provided in different ways.  With the availability of cloud based accounting systems and online file sharing, accountants and their clients are better able to work collaboratively towards a common goal.  With mobile devices and web based applications, access to information anytime and anywhere makes for a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Gaining knowledge of available cloud applications  and mobile apps must be on top of accountant's priority lists.  Accountants should be exploring and researching available solutions that can benefit businesses and its owners.  Travel expense reporting, point of sale systems, accounting systems, business plans, financial analyses, customer surveys & feedback, social media platforms, systems documentation, jobs management, etc. are all areas that our clients are dealing with and need assistance with.  There is a wealth of cloud applications and mobile apps available to serve these needs.  We should be communicating to clients the availability of these applications, recommending those that fit specific needs and providing support with implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Business advisory services in areas of strategic planning and monitoring of financial results are increasingly available to be provided more effectively due to cloud applications.  Your accountant's tool box should include a working knowledge of core cloud applications that may increase your productivity, create efficiencies and improve work life experiences.  If not, maybe you aren't working with the right accountant.