Client Onboarding and Orientation Process

I am currently developing an orientation and onboarding process for prospective clients, as well as,  making plans to apply it to existing clients.  I believe it to be vitally important for a CPA and a prospective client to underake an orientation process to determine if each is a good fit for the other.  An understanding of a prospective client's personal and business goals, visions for the future, competitors, pricing structure and strategies, internal processes, accounting systems, etc. is the foundation and basis of being able to provide valued services.

Success is contingent on building a great foundation.  The onboarding and orientation process is a means to buildng that foundation.  Not all client prospects will be right for me.  I understand I will not always be the right CPA for a prospective client.  My vision is to create client relationships that will last for years.  With the right business relationship, we can collaborate and achieve great things.  I want to help clients succeed by becoming their trusted advisor.  If clients are happy and successful, so am I.

Be on the lookout for my onboarding and orientation program coming soon!